The Ceabay project originated in 1981, when, at the suggestion of a friend, Roberto, I went with Liliana (my wife), Rita and Michele (the children) to the Pedras village in Santa Maria Navarrese for three weeks. Since then, all summers have seen us “bewitched” by these places.

In 1984 we bought a house of Pedras and in 2004, with my dear friend Severino Contu, the land in the beautiful bay of Cea, 400 meters from the sea, in front of the “scoglius arrubius”.

I omit the many vicissitudes of these years and jump directly to the month of January 2018: we have appointed the architect Massimo Pisu for a project of a diffused hotel/resort with some villas.

Anyone wishing to be kept informed of developments must kindly fill out the contact form >> and will be updated with a newsletter (approximately every two or three months).

Those who want to participate actively (as a partner of the entire project, consultant or supplier, potential buyer of a villa or hotel manager or more) can immediately indicate it. In any case, in a couple of years, you can simply come to Ceabay for a nice holiday at CeabayResort or in a CeabayVilla. But my suggestion is not to wait so much, already this spring you can have a nice visit to Ceabay!

But why come to Ogliastra in Ceabay? Just look at the average temperatures of Tortolì >> (Ottobre + 18,9)

Note in particular the winter months … in December or January, coming to Ceabay is particularly pleasant both for a stay at the Resort, for staying in one of the villas and for those who live in one of the big cities of northern Europe and want to compare the values.

Oslo >>
Amsterdam >>
Francoforte >>
Monaco di Baviera >>
Parigi >>
Vienna >>

And who comes between April and June or between September and November, will spend some wonderful days with good prices and will have the most beautiful sea to share with a few connoisseurs.